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Avoid High Fees Associated With USDT & USDC And Use SimpleDollar Utility Tokens Instead!
Money Saved = Money Earned!

Use SimpleDollar Utility Tokens to purchase NASDAC Coin on

Ever been to Chuckie Cheese’s and purchased “tokens” for the arcade machines? SimpleDollar Utility Tokens function in quite the same way. SimpleDollar Utility Tokens (SDOL) are purchased here for use on Simple Coin Exchange to purchase NASDAC Coin. The Simple Dollar Utility Token has no value outside of Simple Coin Exchange. The SimpleDollar Utility Tokens are purchased for $1.00 USD each. The Utility Token can be used to purchase (Swap) for other Coins listed on Simple Coin Exchange only.

How Do I Purchase SimpleDollar Utility Tokens?

SimpleDollar Utility Tokens are $1.00 each and can be purchased below.

*Please Make Sure Your Purchase Email MATCHES The Email You Used To Register With Simple Coin

Step 1. Purchase Your SimpleDollar Utility Tokens.


Please Make Sure The Purchase Email You Will Use Below - 100% MATCHES (Including Case-Sensitivity) To The Email Address You Used To REGISTER With Simple Coin Failing To Do So Will Cause A
Significant Delay In Your Processing.

Payment Vendor for SimpleDollar Utility Tokens is Jones Broadcasting LLC.
For larger purchases, Bank Wires are also supported.

Step 2. Complete the SDOL Transfer Ticket Below.

Your Purchase Will Be Transferred To Your SDOL Wallet On Simple Coin Exchange Within 24hrs (Max.)

SimpleDollar (SDOL) Transfer Ticket

Fill this form out AFTER your Purchase of SDOL has been completed.

SimpleDollar Wallet (SDOL)

How Do I Use SimpleDollar Utility Tokens On Simple Coin Exchange?

Using SimpleDollar Tokens are easy as 1-2-(3 not necessary :-))

Step 1.
Purchase Tokens

After purchasing SimpleDollar Utility Tokens, AND Transfer Ticket completed, SDOL’s are transferred to your SimpleDollar Wallet on Simple Coin Exchange. 

Step 2.
Swap Tokens/Coins

Once your SimpleDollar Utility Tokens are in your Wallet, You can Swap them on the Exchange

for NASDAC Crypto Coins!

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