C  R  Y  P  T  O     C  O  I  N

N  A  S  D  A  C    C  R  Y  P  T  O    C  O  I  N    –    T  I  C  K  E  R    S  Y  M  B  O  L  :  N  D  C

Keeping It Simple. Making A Difference.

        Welcome to the NASDAC Crypto Coin! We are so glad you are here! Firstly, a brief introduction. Here at NASDAC Coin, we like to keep things SIMPLE. Crypto Currency in and of itself is a COMPLEX item to begin with. The last thing you need is a Techy-Techy Lecture to hear Big Words to boast how SMART we are. No, instead let us show you what we set out to do and what we have accomplished and that is, to Build You A NEXT LEVEL Cryptocurrency that you can benefit from in multiple ways! 

       The First thing we did was to take Rooms full of Papers, Ideas, White Boards, Projectors, Note Pads (and a few Napkins) and condense all of that down so not only Crypto Saavy people could take advantage of our Technology but we wanted EVERYONE to benefit from our Crypto Technology as well as our PASSION for the Planet. It was a difficult challenge but ALL Objectives Were Met! We condense all of this into 3 Target Items and here they are Alive and Thriving in the NASDAC Crypto Coin! Now YOU can benefit from the Love, Passion, Technical Expertise and Eco-Sensitive approach in found in the NASDAC Crypto Coin. Take a look!

Target Item 1:

Strategy. Target. Growth.


At NASDAC Crypto Coin, we like to keep things simple. Low Complexity. High Functionality. This approach is not always an easy balance, but rather an Art. NASDAC Coin takes the Art of Engineering a Superior Crypto Currency Coin to an entirely New Level.

Target Item 2:

Develop LEEF Technology & Micro Energy Mining.


The NASDAC Crypto Coin Architecture was designed to be both Fast and Efficient. Fast transaction times are in Seconds (not minutes or hours.)  Mining Efficiency as it pertains to Electricity Finally allows Mining to be done in an Earth, Eco Friendly Responsible way!

Target Item 3:

3 Reasons To Choose NASDAC Crypto Coin.


The NASDAC Crypto Coin is being called by some as a “SUPER COIN,” We won’t call it that but what we will say is that the NASDAC Crypto Coin was designed with ALL The Strengths Block Chain Provides and EVERY Block Chain Advancement We Could Fit In it!

NASDAC Crypto Coin is not associated, affiliated or a part of Nasdaq Stock Exchange or its affiliates in any form. NASDAC Crypto Coin is a Block Chain Crypto Currency and is not a Stock Exchange nor does it provide Stock Exchange Services or any other services pertaining to Regulated Securities and Services thereof.