C  R  Y  P  T  O     C  O  I  N

Download Links

Please Follow The 3 Steps And Instructions Below (You will have 2 independent Wallets upon completion.)

Step 1. Get Web Wallet

a.) Click the link below to setup your NASDAC Coin Web Wallet. 


b.) From the Web Wallet Dashboard, COPY the Web Wallet Address.


c.) Complete the form below and PASTE your Web Wallet Address in the Web Wallet Field of the Form.

Step 2. Fill Out The Coin Transfer Ticket Below

Coin Transfer Ticket.

Get The Desktop Wallet

Download and Install the NASDAC Coin Wallet that fits your Desktop Computer’s Operating System.

If you have any trouble with this step, no worries. As long as you have signed up for the NASDAC Web Wallet, your Coins will be transferred there. TUTORIAL Video for the Web Wallet Installation Coming Soon! 

Remote Support

Having issues? No worries! Fill out the Coin Transfer Ticket Above (Step 2.) with your issue. (Any fields you don’t know use “?” in the field.) Should additional Support be necessary, a Team Member will provide you with instructions regarding Remote Desktop Support